Vinyl Faqs
You’ve got questions? We’ve got the answers!

Vinyl in sheet form (long ago known as “lino”) and has been around for many years and generations  have used the type of flooring to renovate.  Celebrate traditional and oak inspired timber look designs with the versatile collections of vinyl planks.  Affordable and easy to install even over existing tile floors.

How are Vinyl planks sold?

Vinyl planks are sold in boxes and depending on the product there are usually under 2.00m2 per box and sold by the square metre.

Are Vinyl planks glued together or are they a click lock fitting system?

There are 2 options available either the click together system no using any adhesive of the glue down option.

How much are Vinyl planks?

The click lock system is a little more expensive than the glue down option but is easier and quicker to install and there is no adhesive required.  Prices do differ from supplier to supplier and the thickness of the planks but you will find this product an affordable option that is a great alternative as they are durable, water resistance and easy to clean and maintain.

Is Vinyl easy to clean?

Yes, sweep or vacuum your vinyl floor regularly to remove loose dust and dirt and clean with a micro fibre mop and clear water or a neutral detergent or mild vinyl cleaner diluted in water.

Does Vinyl need an underlay?

No, and underlay is not required under vinyl flooring.

Can Vinyl go over existing tiles?

 Yes, vinyl planks or tiles can be installed over existing ceramic tiles.  They are an ideal product for those with existing ceramic tiles that are hard and cold in winter that want to go over these to change to a quiet surface that isn’t cold to walk on.

Is Vinyl slip resistant?

There are cheap vinyls on the market and these won’t have a slip resistant rating, however the better quality vinyl flooring will have a slip resistant rating of R10.