Laminate Faqs
You’ve got questions? We’ve got the answers!

Laminate is an affordable alternative that looks great, particularly now with timber, stone, oak and white-wash boards.  Easy living can be captured for a vast range of classic and on-trend textures and finishes using laminates and vinyls.  Be inspired by the instant reinvention these game changing floorboards provide.  Affordable and easy to install, even over existing tiles.

What are the benefits of Laminate flooring?

Laminate has a high resistance to scratch, indentation, stains and is easy to install.  Also because this flooring is a multi-layer synthetic produced using a photographic pattern under a clear protective layer it will always be consistent with the samples you will see.

What are the drawbacks of Laminate flooring?

None really, but just like any bamboo or timber flooring Laminate is not suitable for bathroom and laundry installations.

How much are does Laminate cost, how is it sold?

Generally laminate comes into the lower end of the hard flooring price range however in recent years there has been exciting innovations to produce the oak, stone and travertine patterns which of course are a little more expensive but still quite affordable.

Laminate comes in different thicknesses, what’s the advantage of the thicker one?

The general thickness in Laminate is 8mm for residential installations and the 12mm option makes it especially suitable for commercial and high intensity residential applications as well.

What’s the difference in Laminate flooring being 1, 2 or 3 strips?

The 1 Strip or single longer length strip looks more authentic to traditional timber and costs slightly more than the 2 or 3 strip option.  Generally the 2 or 3 strip option is more suitable for smaller spaces and of course the price is a little less.

Does Laminate need an underlay?

Yes Laminate needs a good quality underlay; always look for a product with a moisture resistance barrier with acoustic or noise reduction properties.  Because laminate is hard a good quality acoustic underlay is essential for the transfer of noise.

Is Laminate easy to clean?

 Yes it is!  Just like bamboo, timber and vinyl we recommend the use of a quality cleaning system and recommend the use of water in a spray bottle and a micro fibre mop such an Enjo, for more information on this product visit  Ditch the old back-braking, energy-sapping, water-wasting, chemical-infused mop and bucket routine.  These clever floor cleaner and floor fibre combos make cleaning hard floors and walls healthier, greener and easy as.  Use water only, chemicals leave a streaky residue that’s hard to remove from any hard flooring.  This cleaning method is also suitable for timber, vinyl and bamboo.

Does Laminate scratch and dent?

There’s really no hard flooring including ceramic tiles that won’t scratch.  All the good quality laminate flooring is provided with a 25-year structural board warranty and another for scratch resistance.

How long would I expect Laminate flooring to last?

Laminate flooring is extremely durable and pretty had to destroy, like any hardwood flooring keeping moisture out is particularly important for the life of the flooring.

Do I need to sand back Laminate flooring?

No.  Laminate flooring cannot be sanded back.